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Energy Agency of Crete


logo_reacIn December 1993, within the framework of implementing regional energy policy and in pursuit of establishing Crete as preferential area for extensive applications of Renewable Energy Sources in Europe, the Region of Crete has founded a Regional Energy Agency.

The areas of excellence of the Agency are:
Energy, Environment, Renewable Energy Sources, Energy Saving and Rational Use of Energy and European and International Co-operation


Policy and planning

  • An energy policy and programming for the Region of Crete has been elaborated and promoted (adopted unanimously by the Regional Council).
  • An Action and Implementation Plan for the Large-scale Deployment of Renewable Energy Sources in the energy system of Crete has been elaborated and promoted.


Programmes and Projects

  • Co-operation with Greek Public Power Corporation for the replacement of 300.000 electric bulbs in the Region of Crete (PILOT PROGRAMME)
  • Active participation in National programmes has also been achieved.
  • More than 50 European competitive projects have been launched.

In parallel, the Regional Energy Agency of Crete participates actively in National and European networks: ISLENET, ELFORES, The European Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign, etc. The Agency has access to several databases.


Other Activities

  • The Agency has developed very rich and diversified activities in organising various events: conferences, workshops, working meetings, seminars-technical visits, for various RES and RUE technologies, for energy planning in Crete, for Action and Implementation plans, for legal and institutional issues etc. The Agency has also participated in many regional, national European and international conferences, workshops, exhibitions etc.
  • Many information and dissemination activities have been realised, such as the promotion of the guide for the Greek Operational Energy Programme or the participation in exhibitions of Energy technologies.
  • A great number of special leaflets have been produced and distributed to schools, citizens, «target groups» etc., realising public campaigns. Editions have been realised (proceedings of workshops etc.).
  • Continuous dissemination, public information and raising energy and environment awareness are also «key elements» of the activity of the Agency.
  • Systematic information campaign is realised in schools of all Educational levels. Students, teachers, but also parents are informed about RES, RUE, Energy Saving, Environment. Energy-Educational projects have been elaborated in cooperation with Educational Authorities and schools. There have also been given many presentations in training courses for not employed scientists and engineers, for target groups etc.
  • Energy and environment plans, studies at regional level, databases for energy data, energy balances, energy audits for buildings and enterprises, are some for the «products» which are developed and could be used by the local actors.
  • Energy Agency of Crete is an official European partner of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign.

In 2001, the Region of Crete and its Energy Agency have been honoured by the European Commission with the first award for the Best Regional Renewable Energy Partnership (in the framework of 2001 Campaign for Take-off Awards), for the existing RES plants in Crete and their successful integrated programme "Large Scale Deployment of Renewable Energy Sources in Crete".


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