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Ayuntamiento de La Pobla de Vallbona


logo_pobladevallbona2La Pobla de Vallbona is a municipality of 33.1 km2, located in the province of Valencia, in the area of Camp de Turia. The latest data about its population is currently 21,236 registered inhabitants, which reveal that there has been a considerable increase in the last 13 years, since there were 9248 people counted in 1995. This town is notable for its economic diversification, with a large area of the zone dedicated to agriculture, four industrial estates and an important activity in the sectors of construction and services.

Its location, about 20 km northeast of the city of Valencia, and its good road communication with the CV35 road, places this town in the catchment area of the city of Valencia.

In Spain, the municipality is the basic local entity of the territorial organization of the state. It has legal personality and full capacity to fulfill its purposes. The territory, the population and the organization are elements of the municipality. The Government and the municipal administration corresponds to the council, composed of the mayor and the council members. The town councilors are elected by equal, free, secret and direct universal suffrage, and the Mayor is elected by the councilors or by the neighbors, all following the terms established by the general election law.

The municipality can promote all kind of activities and provide any public services to contribute to meeting the needs and aspirations of the local community, to manage their interests and in the scope of its competence. The Municipality will practice its competence, in any case, in terms of the legislation of the State and the Autonomous Communities in various fields, among which it is the protection of the environment.



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