Renewable Energies in Slovenia



In last years, Slovenia has been faced with several challenges in the field of REs. The main unsolved problems and barriers can be categorized in following groups: institutional, legal and administrative, economic, financial, human resource and last but not least important, low information and awareness razing activities. Among all mentioned challenges the most critical are: lack of appropriate priority in accordance with European and national developmental and environmental policy, weak coordination between different national and local institutions, small amount of research and development R&R , inappropriate price policy and tariff system, state funding for funding incentives is too low and far behind the planned time schedule, lack of experts and trainings for REs and lack of awareness activities on energy costs, measures and advanced technologies.

Although Slovenia has adopted National Action Plan for Renewable Energy Sources (NAP RES 2010‐2020) which covers all different fields of REs, it does not have specific separate documents as Action Plans on governmental or regional level for solar energy, eolian energy, and geothermal energy yet, except for National Strategy for biomass (OP ENLES).

Unfortunately, very much needed measures and actions, remain mainly on paper or are heavily burdened with administrative red tape to discourage the potential investors to used them.


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