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In order to meet the challenges of the globalization a strong support for the innovation and the competitiveness is required, by pooling the resources and putting into effect common tools. The short-term action must be guided in order to strengthen the competitiveness in the long term, with investments in different fields: the competences for the future needs, the energy efficiency to create jobs and save energy, clean technologies to promote efficiency and innovation.

The Mediterranean populations consume a great part of the electricity of the world, 80% of it from fossil origin, despite the significant potential of the Mediterranean in the RE which is currently underutilized.

The Renewable Energy (RE) Sector is at "multiple dividend": employment growth, involvement of the small and medium entrerprises, local development, positive environmental impact. However a balance between politicies "demand-pull" and "technology-push" is needed.

In this perspective the approach and the tools of the project ENERMED. The regions will have an important role in the promotion of renewable energies (the policies RE are largely decentralized), even if regional policies are neither consistent nor coordinated.


The goal of this project is to improve:

  • the quality of the regional policies in support of the RE
  • the contribution of the RE in the energy production
  • the economic, social, environmental, landscaped impact of the projects on RE


The project will study the regional strategies in the renewable energy sector with purpose:

  • a shared knowledge of the development potential of the RE in each region partner
  • highlighting the role of the local and regional authorities in the development of RE in the partner countries
  • identification of the areas where a greater convergence of policies in the field of RE is possible
  • the quest of a greater harmonization of the policies of the different partner regions for the RE by creating a common database of information
  • the development of a transnational (common) methodological and strategic framework of development of the RE


The awaited results of the project are:

  • the convergence of the regional systems in support of decisions in matter of RE
  • implementation of pilot projects in each country partner in the field of the RE with a common analytical framework
  • creation of a lasting framework of regional cooperation (EGTC-type) in the field of renewable energies to sustain the achievements of the project
  • creation of a database on renewable energies in the Mediterranean including the good practices in matter of regional strategies
  • to support the development of the RE -a better method/guide for evaluating concrete regional projects on the RE.

The project will also provide an opportunity for detailed exchanges among the actors of the energy policies in the different partner regions.


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