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enermed_logoThe transition from a world economy based on fossil fuels to one based on renewable energy represents a paradigm shift in our technology and energy. It involves a transformation no less profound in the organization of the government action in the structuring of the economy.

Unlike the previous revolution in energy policy but also in their approach to territorial development. The renewable energy revolution requires a massive injection of public funds to a level unprecedented in the history of technology and energy. The origin of these public funds is divided between the European Union, States and local and regional authorities.

For governments in general and regional authorities in particular, renewable energy is an issue and an area of ​​unprecedented complexity. Multi-dimensional, they summon the energy, economics, ecology, land use, transportation, urban planning... Multilevel, they involve multiple decision levels (international, European, national, regional and local).

What is the capacity of regions to drive energy policies?

ENERMED is a transnational cooperation project implemented in the MED program brings together local authorities in Spain (La Pobla de Benissa and the Community of Valencia), French regions (PACA), Greece (Crete), Italy (Tuscany, Sardinia ) and research institutes in the field of energy policies and sustainable development: Institut de la Méditerranée, Scuola Superiore Santa Anna in Pisa, Laor, E-Zavod, CERTH, Centre for Renewable Energy (CRES), Institute of Energy Hrvoje Pozar (EIHP). ENERMED aims to improve and bring coherence to the Mediterranean regional policies on renewable energy and specifically:

  • Identify key assumptions and major trade-offs that determine regional policies on renewable energy
  • Identify scope of action and the institutional levers for better optimization of resources
  • Experiment with innovative solutions to optimize regional resources and financial resources available in each partner region
  • Develop an operational strategy of transnational Mediterranean regions in reducing CO2 emissions and developing renewable energy

Learn more about Renewable Energies

renewableenergyENERMED offers you the basic, state-of-the-art information about the four (4) basic renewable energy sources: Biomass, Solar Energy, Wind Power and Geothermal Energy.


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