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med_mapThe Mediterranean regions face common challenges: competitiveness, economic development, environment, risk management, etc. Compared with the globalization they must address these challenges through an increased support to the innovation and competitiveness in respect of the environment.

The development of renewable energies is an asset for these regions. The role in promoting the Renewable Energies in the regions of the MED space is crucial: the development of renewable energies requires, therefore, the conditions for a better coordination of regional policies.

In this perspective the approach and the tools of the project ENERMED. The regions will have an important role in the promotion of renewable energies (the policies RE are largely decentralized), even if regional policies are neither consistent nor coordinated.

The goal of this project is to improve the quality of the regional policies in support of the Renewable Energies, and consequently to improve the economic, social, environmental, landscaped impact of the projects on Renewable Energies.



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renewableenergyENERMED offers you the basic, state-of-the-art information about the four (4) basic renewable energy sources: Biomass, Solar Energy, Wind Power and Geothermal Energy.


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